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Messes, Mistakes & Miracles

Messes, Mistakes & Miracles                             

This is an emotional time of the year. Whether we discuss it openly or not – feelings of sadness, grief, fear & enormous change can overwhelm the best of us. The reality is: it’s hard. The truth is: you have a choice. Based on many
things, out of our control, our world has been shifted and we don’t like it! Losing what we have valued the most – our personal American Dream – has shaken many of us to the core. Yet, the greatest disservice occurs when we fail to notice our value to one another; in helping us to get over our mess; gain from our mistakes and get ready for the miracles.


One definition for mess is “the state of trouble, disorder, untidiness, etc.” Well,
I think that pretty much describes human beings as we enter the world.  We are a born a mess, covered in gooey protective bodily fluids while still attached to our umbilical lifeline. Yet, even in this potential state of trouble, there are likely family and friends praying you into the world and celebrating your arrival. That is probably the first and last time you will be celebrated for making (or being) a mess. Tip: You are not your mess! Clean it up and move on!


A mistake occurs when we “understand or perceive wrongly; an idea, answer, act”. Well, that pretty much describes how we, as human beings, go through the learning curve. Examples of human trial and error are displayed
repeatedly in the Bible. From Einstein to Oprah, we see how mistakes are used to determine what doesn’t work – so that we can move on to find out what does work. Yet, there are still those who want to hold us responsible for the mistakes of people we don’t even know! (Amen!). The truth is: pain is real. The reality is: you are responsible for your choices in life. A mistake can either serve as an anchor around your neck or an opportunity to make better choices. I have a plague on my wall that reads, “Never let your memories be greater than your dreams”. Tip: Check yourself. Have you stopped dreaming?


The miracle is you. We are emotional beings, period. In December, we may feel more vulnerable – however, we are being guided by our emotions all year
. Some of us want to keep that little girl or little boy inside from being hurt, again. Others believe that if I ignore my emotional nudging’s that they will just go away. Believe me, your emotions may go underground – but they don’t just go away. Your emotions become manageable, only when you choose to face them and heal them for yourself. There is no substitute for the work you must do to make way for the miracles to appear. In those moments, you will need a force that is beyond your human capability. You will need God – to carry you through the pain, to hold your hand when you feel lost and to gently guide you to the person you are meant to be.

Remember, as you connect with loves ones, friends and even those people you meet on the street that:

1)    A mess-up is only a temporary condition, unless you choose to live there.

2)    Learning from your mistakes builds character  that gives you muscles for  internal  fortitude.

3)    The rest is truly a miracle.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and Kwanzaa celebration!


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